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Anonymous asked Hi would you happen to know where ash presutto got her scotch formal outfit!? x

Not sure who she is sorry!

Anonymous asked any suggestions of what to wear to a kanye concert? ill be in the mosh x

Just jeans/pants and boots with a cool top or jacket. Have fun x



ELLE Germany, February 1995, Materialen  
Michele Hicks by Christophe Kutner



Is summer still a thing ? Does warm weather still exist? Will it ever come back?

Anonymous asked what are some cool dresses that you like atm?

Dresses i cant afford

Anonymous asked I'm having my friends over for a birthday brunch, what other things would you do for fun at a brunch other than eat of course!!

One of my best friends is having one coming up and I guess the plan is to just enjoy ourselves and the food and hang out together whilst celebrating her bday which is fun in itself. Not much else otherwise! Enjoy

Anonymous asked do you reckon yr 12 is better than yr 11? like social, subjects etc xx

Yeah definitely way better than year eleven but both suck, can’t wait to finish


there is never a moment where i’m not mesmerized by her face

Gucci, Spring 2003
Anonymous asked do you think it is a dog move for someone to invite your group but not you to a birthday party, even if you know them just as well as your friends? xx

Yeah of course but its something not really in your control so that person is just a shitty person