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Anonymous asked im going a gathering this weekend and i have no idea what to wear , its going to be cold what do you think is like good for a small gath?

Just jeans, ankle boots and a jacket with a cool tee!

Anonymous asked what do you usually wear to work?? x

I now work at an art gallery so its more relaxed than the hairdresser but usually still appropriate like jeans and ankle boots with a jacket or suitable woollen jumper etc

Anonymous asked im going for the weekend to melbourne soon! where should i go to shop and eat, like whats your few fave places! xx

Refer to below :)

Anonymous asked like food and places to hang out

Anywhere in fitzroy/collingwood area has mint food and cool places to hang

Anonymous asked What do you put in your juices?? Xxx

Depends what i feel like but i usually just put everything and mix it all together. The one i posted on insta from memory i think was: beetroot, apple, cucumber, celery, pear, parsley and radish but it srsly changes each time!

black-c-offee asked I'm going a wedding this summer and need a dress, obviously one which nice but not too tight fitting/revealing but still looks flattering. what type of style/cut/shape would you suggest? you always look amazing at event and when you go out so I thought I'd ask. thanks xx

Thank you so nice!! Hmm i would wear either a top paired with a mid length skirt or preferrably a dress either above the knee or mid length. I cant think of any particular that ive seen but if you check out some of the boutiques down chapel like green with envy, zimmermann, manning cartell etc im sure you will find something to wear :))) enjoy

Anonymous asked how would you make ripped jeans? Those without shreds? I'm dating my crush this evening and I want to wear it xx thank youu

Not sure i tried once but fucked it up so cant help you!! Have a nice night though x

Anonymous asked what is a ys?

Young slut (you)


not lovin it

hey not v flattering photo but i have little twists now 

good kush and akahaw 
Anonymous asked I know this is really personal but what size bra do you wear?

Ehhh scumi

Anonymous asked where is your dress from in your insta dp? looks soooo mint on you! x

Dion Lee thnx!


Anja Rubik photographed by Walter Pfeiffer for Self Service S/S 2013