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Anonymous asked Do you live in Melbourne?



Ingrid Van de Wiele spring—summer 1998.
Ingrid Van de Wiele took her first steps in the fashion world more than ten years ago, but since she launched a collection under her own name onto the market six years ago, those steps have become great strides. She now has sales outlets all over the world and her own shop in Antwerp and Tokyo. 
The striking elements in Van de Wiele’s collection are the pure lines, the perfect finish, the restrained colours and the redefined materials. Her clothes tell the muted story of the quest for the perfect form, and the adept use of nips and tucks. This quest is halted momentarily for the presentation of new summer and winter collections and is then meticulously continued. Materials are given a new use: like the textile wallpaper with the appearance of imitation velvet, aluminium thread combined with nylon for a blouse, paper for a jacket. The colours are restrained (black, grey, beige, white) so that the material becomes almost intangible and nothing interferes with the purity of the form.
Anonymous asked Do you know where liv freeman got her formal dress from? You and her both looked amazing!!

I’m pretty sure its from Aqua by Aqua, and thanks! X

Anonymous asked hey, im looking for a groovy lunch place in the city for sunday... got any recommendations? x

ChinChin!!! Otherwise here is my list i keep in my notes: *note i havent added to it in v long so theres probs more nice places to be added*…

Golden fields fitzroy
Liar liar
Dukes coffee roasters
Giussepe arnaldo
Little hunter
Red robyn
Station street trading
The resident
Auction rooms
Flinders lane
Petite prince
Gardiner and field
Coopers and millas
Coin laundry
Manchester press
Auction rooms
The bond store
Tall timber
Roll’d rice paper rolls
St edmonds
Coco lounge
Truman cafe
Thomson cafe food store
Snow pony
Cru shed
Two birds one stone
Monk bodhi dharma
Merchanta guild
Three bags full
Loco coffee
Proud mary
Pillar of salt
St ali
Sensory lab
Dukes coffee roasters
Two birds one stone
Little ox
Two good eggs
Wide open road
The counter
Botanical cuisine
Prospect espresso
Vegie bar
Pho chu the
Badger vs hawk
East elevation

Anonymous asked Hey adi! Loved your formal dress and you looked so beautiful! I was just wondering if you were ever thinking of renting it? xxx

Thanks! Mmm I never lend clothes and I have had bad experiences in the past with lending/renting so would depend on who asked and they would need to pay $$$

Anonymous asked Do you usually wax or shave and what's your fake tan process?

Both it depends and then exfoliate and moisturise

Anonymous asked Love your blog, you're so lucky to be working in a gallery it sounds great! I have an american themed going away party for a friend off to america, what can I wear that isn't the typical cheerleader outfit???

Thank you, yeah its good! Umm my friend bought american flag print clothing from american apparel for a similar theme which was smart, american footy player, celebrity, someone from mean girls maybe

Anonymous asked do you know where jem got her formal dress from that she's wearing in her profile picture? thanks!

Not too sure! Its v nice though, maybe message her

Anonymous asked What are some cool art galleries to visit in melb?

Anna Schwartz, Collingwood contemporary gallery (on gertrude st), ACCA, NGV umm theres a few others but cant think atm


Anonymous asked St Tropez which one?

The foam