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Goodbye until exams are over



christian dior s/s 2006

safari with the ex 
s-g-e asked i was wondering if you could recommend some galleries i should visit in the city and also some nice cafes/restaurants :) would be massive help x

In the city probably Anna Schwarz and NGV and Fort Delta then maybs seek out some small artist-run galleries! As for city cafes/restaraunts: silo by joost, green press, chin chin, coda, hardware societe, cookie bar, krimper cafe, grain store


I woke up and saw that mother walked Pucci. I am still in tears.
Anonymous asked tips for a first time clubber??? like what should i wear, where should i go ?? AND what to Bring ? :)))

U seem young

Anonymous asked Do you only do 4 subjects? Would that mean that you would have to put a looooot of work into them? Not that you wouldn't have to already just curious!

I did one in year eleven and four this year so all up five which is what is required :)) and yes its pressuring to know that my score depends on these four haha

infinnitum asked ahhhhhh babe your blog is so rad i love it so much brings me so much joy! would you mind checking my blog out? xxxxxx

Thank you!!! Sure

Anonymous asked Good places to get slightly heeled black boots for under $100? xxx

Tony bianco, santini, lipstik shoes

Anonymous asked you did health 3/4 last year yeah? would it be too personal to tell me what you got? im in year 11 this year doing it and apparently you dont do as well in year 11 and im wondering what to expect i'll get sorry i dont have tumblr

I didnt do great because i didnt try due to the fact i hated it immensly. You can do well if you try haha regardless of year level (if u happen to go to my school dont do it because the teacher that takes it is v slack)

Anonymous asked where are some places i can look online and in shops for formal dresses around the $300 mark

Dion lee, shannon desordre, green with envy, shopbop :))