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Anonymous asked What are some cool art galleries to visit in melb?

Anna Schwartz, Collingwood contemporary gallery (on gertrude st), ACCA, NGV umm theres a few others but cant think atm


Anonymous asked St Tropez which one?

The foam

Anonymous asked how do you make new friends ? ?

Be yourself and genuine not fake i guessssssss

Anonymous asked when you fake tan for parties ect what brand do you use, you always look so gorgeous xx

St Tropez or Mecca foam, thanks!

Anonymous asked Yummy dinner ideas? Don't really care too much about clean eating etc x

Seared tuna, sushi

Anonymous asked Are you from launceston ?

Nope, Melb

Anonymous asked do u know jordan karklins from scotch?


Anonymous asked any of your other mates going to scotch?

Yep a few friends are going

Anonymous asked do you like the brand shona joy? im considering getting one of the bustier dresses from my semi formz

Im not familiar with much of their stuff but that sounds nice :))

Anonymous asked whats your opinion on formals?

Not much.. Its up to you to kind of make it enjoyable, usually the formal part is average but pres and afterwards can be alright. Getting ready etc is fun but tiring

Anonymous asked with whoo?

Oscar kudelka

Anonymous asked are you going to the scotch formal?