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Cut the poison out of your life. No matter what - or whom - it may be.
-Jeigo - It’s going to hurt before it gets better (via hefuckin)

Can coconut ◻⚪🍓🍇🍈🍏🍋🍧

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Giannina Oteto.  Breathtaking!
Anonymous asked thoughts on girls our age smoking?

Don’t have any, doesn’t bother me at all

s-eptember asked Love your blog at the moment

Thank you! I’d neglected tumblr for a while but now back on🙌

Anonymous asked what atar are you aiming for? xxx :)

Um I’ve never had a number in mind but I would be happy with 85+ as that’s realistic based on my subjects and work ethic this year but still not sure. My first preference is an interview based course anyway which involves folio work which I’ve completed to my best ability so yeah not that i require an atar atm (unless i dont get in which is highly likely) so my second pref requires around 85+


waitin 4 bae listening 2 gwen stefani

 Kim Kardashian West seen out out with mother Kris Jenner in Calabasas earlier today giving the paparazzi the finger 8/26/14 
Anonymous asked i have this black scanlan scuba crop that i wanna wear to a party tomorrow but i have nothing to wear it with… i was just thinking black jeans and my pair of black knee high boots. i don't wanna be too dressed up as i wasn't planning on staying all night i just wanted to make an appearance

Thats good! Or you could save the top for another occasion? But yeah it would look with jeans or pants!


Just want this week to be over !!!!!):):$:$/&/&&/$/(26)((526637):)$:$:$$::)))))))!!!!@@


The ultimate flight of fancy: Devon Aoki is ethereal in an Yves Saint Laurent organza dress embroidered with bird of paradise feathers. The bird’s legendary plumage is one of Mother Nature’s most glorious, decadent tutus. Photo from French Vogue, March 2000. 

Naomi Campbell by Matthew Rolstoogue for Vogue Espana 1995
Anonymous asked do you like this dress for like races or something semi formal? www(.)missguidedau(.)com/catalog/product/view/id/134054/s/cindy-scuba-strappy-bodycon-dress-white/category/477/

Mm if you want my honest opinion im not a huge fan of the contrast and i think you could find something more formal for an occasion like the races!